Singles Parties, Pop Up Dating Events

London, an extremely diverse and busy city. More than 8 million other people, all mingling, working and searching for the next date or true love. In a city such as London, one would imagine that love is easy to find. That does not always hold true. Oftentimes, falling for someone can be at best a big heartache. There are hundreds of thousands who are visiting, schooling for a year or two, or temporarily working in London. The time will come when their travel visa is expired and that means so will your new love.
Living in London does not need to remain that way for anyone, any longer. We are here to help you find that match. Someone who shares your interests, your beliefs, and maybe even your dreams. In this city that relies so heavily on the competition, between employees, businesses, friends, you name it…it is in a competition; this does not allow for people to have much free time. We, as singles need assistance once in awhile to help find someone. Someone who has the desire to make an effort, someone who is possibly working the same type of hectic schedule as you are.

No one needs to remain alone and single.

There are plenty of options for you to check out. London is also another city that never seems to sleep, giving singles the option of any hour of get together. Life is meant to be shared, the good times and the bad. When you are active or sedentary, there is no longer any reason you are not out there mingling with others and finding your one true love.
We are here now! Here to save you from your humdrum life, here to make finding a date much less daunting then it seems now.
Our page will be of assistance to not only give suggestions of where to meet other singles like yourself, but also a guide in ways to give ideas of where to go on dates, how to break the ice with someone new. We will fill you with so much information of dating activities, dating events happening around London and also stories of couples who have found love in London. We plan to share interesting information about different areas in London.

This is your platform!

We will be here as your platform, where you will be able to finding different degrees of dating information; whether places, topics, or just fun things to say when you first meet that new one, without making a fool of yourself.
We are new, we are fresh, we are intriguing and exciting. We will provide different ideas and suggestions of local places of interest. We will give updated information on the variety of dating events around our great city. There will be information about speed dating venues, and also pop up dating events that are happening.

So, please join us, as we take you on a thrilling voyage to end your singletary life and lead you to where you may find the love you have been searching for.